Premium Wheat Flours

Shining Ito
This is a premium low-ash Asian noodle flour that can also be used to make dumplings, potstickers and steam buns. Produced with the customer in mind to keep pricing competitive with comparable imported flours. It is used in preparation of Asian noodles, Dumplings, Potstickers, and Steam bread.

Moisture Content: 14.3% Ash Content: .32% – .42% Protein Content: 8.8% – 9.8%

H & R All Purpose
Our All Purpose Flour performs well in a wide range of baked products – yeast breads, cakes, cookies, pastries and snacks. It produces good volume and fermentation tolerance, along with an attractive crumb color and smooth texture. Choose it for everything from dinner rolls to sauces and gravies to chips.

H&R Flour is used for batters and breading, Biscuits, Breadsticks, Cereal and chips, Cookies, Hard/Kaiser rolls, Muffins, Pizza crusts, Quick breads, Sauces and gravies, Scones, Tortillas, Waffles and pancakes, White pan breads.

Moisture Content: 14.3% Max Ash Content: 5.3% – .59% Protein Content: 10.3% – 11.8%

Premium High Gluten
High gluten flour creates the chewiness and crustiness your customers want in bagels, pizza crusts, Kaiser rolls, and artisanal breads. Our premium high gluten flour provides exceptional mixing and baking performance along with fermentation tolerance, machinability and absorption. It is commonly used for Artisanal breads, Bagels, Hard/Kaiser rolls, and Pizza crusts.

Moisture Content: 14.3% Max Ash Content: .51% – .57% Protein Content: 13.7% – 14.3%

Weights Available:
50 lb. Bags
Bulk Load: Truckload