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~ Company History ~

About Hao Spice

Hao Spice was founded over 10 years ago by Jason Jing and Nicole Cho. It was the realization of a dream to build a food and ingredient company in Houston, Texas that brought the freshest and most flavorful spices to a vibrant dining and food population. All ethnicities and food cultures require spices to prepare the foods of their native lands. Whether it was supplying spices for curries or Texas barbecue or Cantonese cuisine, Hao Spice has grown into the flavor powerhouse of the Southwest.

Global Experience

Experiencing phenomenal growth, the past 10 years, employee experience in the food business now totals over 100 years of experience. This experience is put to work every day on behalf of Hao Spice’s customer base that encompasses Chinese, Pacific Rim cultures, Middle Eastern, Hispanic, European, American, and Texan.

Expanding Range

Recent product additions has turned to domestically sourced agricultural products such as nuts, seeds, flour, beans and sprouting seeds. Whatever the product and application, Hao Spice will continue to chart a course of steady growth, while improving and sharpening its skills to serve its customers. Our heartfelt thanks to you for your interest.


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