Cashew nuts are a type of edible nut that is commonly used in cooking, baking, and snacking. They have a kidney or bean-like shape with a crescent-shaped curve at the bottom, and they are usually pale yellow or light brown in color. The nut is enclosed in a hard, double-layered shell that contains a caustic resin, called cashew balm, which can cause skin irritation.
The cashew tree, which produces the cashew nut, is a tropical evergreen tree that can grow up to 12 meters tall. The fruit of the cashew tree is called a cashew apple, which is a fleshy, pear-shaped fruit that is used to make juice and other beverages in some parts of the world. The cashew nut grows at the bottom of the cashew apple, and it is harvested by hand once the fruit has ripened and fallen to the ground. The nuts are then roasted and processed to remove the shell and the caustic resin before they are ready to be eaten or used in recipes.

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